Transactions and M&A

If you have a tax or financial issue, we’ll do our best to fix it.

Our specialised transaction and M&A team provides tailored transaction tax advisory for business and corporate reorganisations and M&A deals on the buy or sell sides: local and cross-border mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions (asset and share deals), leveraged buy-outs, initial public offerings, notes and bonds issuing, company or business line sales or acquisitions.

Our services aim to provide our clients with the most suitable tax strategy for managing associated tax costs and mitigating potential future tax risks.

Our tax specialists have developed and improved transaction structures based on their wide experience, deep knowledge of the Romanian tax system corroborated with the new international tax legislation and given the common investment routes already accredited.

We offer a complete range of tax and financial due diligence, tax structuring in the pre-acquisition phase as well as pre- and post-acquisition restructuring tax advisory services.