Tax reviews and investigations

We are “fiscal detectives”. We review and investigate as to make sure that all your taxes are paid in full. And on time. But we also try to recover any taxes charged excessively

In a fast moving and complex economic environment, business decisions or transactions may have unintended tax consequences for companies. Our tax review and investigation services are aimed to offer the company’s shareholders or management the appropriate level of comfort regarding the company’s tax situation.

Our tax review services are not limited to a set of standardised procedures – we work to gain an understanding of the business conduct in the context of the industry specific practices, in order to ensure the tax risks and the related remedies are accurately identified.

We work closely with the client’s team in order to get acquainted with the business conduct, internal procedures, accounting and IT systems, asses the conclusions of past tax audits, review the records, analyse the tax documentation and fulfilment of the tax requirements, so as to ensure that no significant taxation areas are overlooked or misinterpreted.

We also provide assistance and review of cross-border transactions as to determine the reporting obligations under DAC 6 EU Directive on tax aggressive cross-border transactions.

Our tax review & investigation services are designed to identify and mitigate the tax risks and capitalise on the opportunities of available tax incentives provided by the Romanian tax legislation. Based on the expertise of our tax team and applying the most innovative tax solutions, we review our client’s tax position and adjust it to correct errors, available unused tax deductions or other missed tax opportunities.