Agency & representation

We help you register, declare and pay your taxes in Romania.

We provide a full range of tax agency and representation services, focussing on value added tax and corporate income tax / capital gains tax and relying upon our deep knowledge of the Romanian taxation system and excellent communication with the local tax authorities in Romania.

VAT agency and representation

We act as VAT agent or VAT fiscal representative for clients conducting their business in Romania for which they are either required or, in certain particular cases, opt to register for VAT purposes prior to the commencement of their business activities.

EU established clients are required to register for Romanian VAT purposes through the direct VAT registration procedure, while non-EU companies are required to appoint a VAT fiscal representative who will be liable in front of the Romanian tax authorities in respect to the VAT liabilities arising in Romania. Similar requirements are also applicable for non-EU clients in order to obtain a VAT refund based on the provisions of the 13th EU Directive for which we act as VAT fiscal representative for reimbursement purposes.

Our VAT agency and representation services include assistance during the VAT registration and de-registration process in Romania and a full range of related compliance services, preparation and submission of tax returns, tax payments, refund assistance, correspondence with the Romanian tax authorities, etc.

Tax agency and representation for corporate income tax and capital gain tax purposes

We act as tax agent for non-Romanian clients conducting their business in Romania through a permanent establishment, carrying out real estate transactions in Romania or trading in Romanian securities. Given the complexity and specific features of such projects, we usually recommend and undertake a thorough analysis of each project to identify the Romanian tax treatment applicable in the specific situation. The obligations that generally arise, and for which we provide our assistance, refer to obtaining tax ID numbers in Romania, file tax returns and presenting tax residence certificates as to invoke favourable double tax treaty provisions.