Tax inspection support

It isn’t easy to go alone through a tax inspection. We can help you with the best technical arguments and can also take over all the paperwork and legal endeavours.

In the global and local economic context, the Romanian tax authorities have intensified their tax inspection activities, focusing on more complex tax matters and targeting industry specific tax risks. Undergoing a tax inspection is one of the most cumbersome experiences for a company, straining the resources of the tax and financial departments, and potentially leading to disturbance in the regular course of business.

Our support services are aimed at relieving the company’s resources from the burden on the tax inspection process, ensuring they remain focused on the strategic areas of business. Our services are based on the extensive expertise gained by our team in dealing with the Romanian tax authorities in various tax inspections in a significant number of industries.

Our tax team can guide you throughout the entire tax inspection process and liaise directly with the Romanian tax authorities on your behalf, to ensure that the tax audit is conducted in a proper manner and that additionally assessed taxes, interest and penalties are as low as possible. We commit ourselves in having a hands-on approach in relation to the Romanian tax authorities and providing a valuable input for the tax inspection outcome.